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To begin, this is an animation based on MadLori’s Alone on the Water, which is a fantastic and tragic fanfiction - likely the saddest I’ve ever read. It literally left me gasping for air between sobs at two in the morning and my mother came out to question whether I was mortally wounded. (The answer was yes.) Our assignment was to take a story or make one of our own and use stills in our animation. We could move them, we could zoom around them - we could use just about any effect - but they had to be flat images in the form digital .jpg’s or .png’s. Almost all of my classmates made up some silly thing they’d just photographed during the day - which admittedly would have been a lot easier - but I decided to do this and managed, according to my professor, to show everyone up.

Anyway, I never really intended to post this up on Tumblr. I wanted to do so much more with it and then post it but I haven’t had time. I’ve shown a few people - my dear Reichenbach Support Group and friends here and there who are also Sherlock fans - but otherwise I was keeping it pretty hush hush. However, I wanted to show a friend and, for whatever reason, she was having difficulties with the video. So hopefully everyone will enjoy it. I’d love to get feedback on it - my classmates were utterly unhelpful.

(The song is 0952 by Olafur Arnalds and the characters were created by Steven Moffat for the BBC program Sherlock.)

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